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Reasons to become a Dental Assistant

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Starting any new career can be overwhelming. But you should be proud of yourself for considering this one! Dental assisting is an exciting and dynamic career path, and there are plenty of advantages to becoming a dental assistant. Here are a few:

1) Unlimited Growth and Income Potential: There are so many areas of expertise in the dental field, and with that comes more opportunities for Dental Assistants. Whether it's working for a specialist, moving to a new place, or learning a special skill, as a dental assistant, you will have the opportunity to grow your career to new heights.

2) Consistent or Flexible Schedule: Whether you're looking for some consistency or flexibility, you have options as a Dental Assistant. If you prefer a set schedule, you are in luck, because most dental offices are open normal business hours from 9-5 and closed weekends and holidays. However, many offices also will hire part-time Dental Assistants, giving you the chance to set your own schedule.

3) Job Security: Dental assisting is a job that is always in demand. Dentists are always going to need Dental Assistants. Dental assistant jobs are expected to grow by 19% (64,000 jobs!) by 2026. As a Dental Assistant, you are bound to have plenty of options when looking for a job.

4) Exciting, Dynamic Career: As a Dental Assistant, your career would never be boring. No two days are the same in a dental office. As a Dental Assistant, every day would bring a new set of challenges and learning opportunities. You'll also be around other hardworking healthcare professionals who value hygiene and care.

5) Rewarding: Finally, and maybe most importantly, a career as a Dental Assistant would be rewarding for you. You would have a tangible impact on people's dental health, and as a result, their lives as whole. You will help patients feel comfortable and happy.

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