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Hands-on learning

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

When it comes to education, students tend to do better in a hands-on learning environment. Here at Oasis, we take pride in our hands-on learning approach. According to Build Your Future, hands-on learning leads to three things: better retention of information, improved attentiveness, and pride in results.

Better retention of information: Studies show that when students prepare for tests by simply re-reading notes or textbooks, they don’t retain information as well in the long run. Studies show that when students learn with their hands, they have a much higher likelihood of remembering what they learned. Hands-on learning helps students see the purpose and "bigger picture" of what they are doing. It is also said that learning using both your hands and paper exercises both sides of the brain versus just one. At Oasis, our students retain information better due to our lecture/lab hybrid style.

Attentiveness: One of the most difficult things about sitting in long lectures is staying focused. After a while, we get tired and our minds start to wonder. When lessons are broken up into a lecture/lab format, it gives students a break from the classroom setting, and also gives them a chance to move around and get their brain juices flowing again. Our hybrid lecture/lab format provides information to students in an interesting, engaging way.

Pride in results: When students actually get a chance to create something with their hands, or walk away from a lesson with the ability to do something they couldn’t at the beginning of the lesson, they are more likely to develop a passion for what they learn. Additionally, the logistics of many dental assistant's tasks are easier to understand and master when they are actually practiced, as opposed to just reading about them. For instance, a common task dental assistants are expected to be able to do is take an impression of a patient's teeth. On paper, it might seem like an easy job, but if a student has never taken an impression, it is going to be difficult for them. With our hands-on learning approach, students have a chance to learn exactly, step-by-step, what is expected of them, and how to complete these tasks properly.

Dental practices are going to look for RDAs that have the skills and confidence to complete the daily expected tasks of a dental assistant. The more students can do on their own, the more likely they are to have a greater number of options when looking to start their career. With the hands-on skills they learn at Oasis Dental Assisting Academy, our students will enter the workforce with a competitive advantage. Our students graduate with the ability to thrive in a career in dental assisting.

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